Easy Recycled Ring





Introduction: Easy Recycled Ring

This is an easy ring to make for kids or crafty adults, also if u love to drink orange juice.
Plus, it is recycled

Step 1: Getting the Parts

First u will need a sealer from a carton of orange juice.
And your favorite color pony bead.
( see pictures )

Step 2: Assembling the Simple But Cute Ring!

First u put the sealer from the oj on a flat surface, then u can hot glue ( which i recommend because it tends to slide off very easily with the normal Elmer's white glue) the bead any wear you want on the top of the ring wait 2-3 minutes for it to completely dry. You can even make your own designs!!!!!!

Step 3: Strut Your Stuff

Show off your stylish " homemade" ring!

Step 4:



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    I am open to suggestions!

    Thanks i can make some cute more projects as soon as i get some more projects ideas and recyclable products/ scraps,/! Or drafts!