Easy Removable Dorm Nerf Blaster Rack!




Introduction: Easy Removable Dorm Nerf Blaster Rack!

One of the biggest problems with owning things is... finding a place to put all those things.

Nerf blasters are no exception.  Finding a place to put them is a pain not only because they are kinda bulky, but also because they look so darn cool that you want to show them off.

Now, if you're a typical Nerf blaster owner, chances are, you don't own your home and you can't just willy-nilly drill holes in the wall.  Also, you're probably broke (because you spent all your money on blasters and darts) and can't afford to make a self-standing... stand.

Here's a solution to all these problems!  I've long looked for a way to hang nerf blasters in a way similar to gun-racks.  I had 3 design criteria:
1) CHEAP! - I'm a starving college student with a small stipend but big dreams on doing awesome things.  I wanted to do this as cheaply as possible.  (My apologies to any actual starving college student... this was to make a point...)
2) Removable - I found a lot of people used PVC or peg-board to make racks... but these people also used drills and nails... I designed this hanger for someone who has to move out every 8 months because the dorm is getting renovated again...
3) Off-The-Shelf - I've read tons of great instructables where the author laser-cut something then chucked it into his rudimentary lathe before imbuing it with paladium... sadly, we're not all blessed with a fabrication shop.  I wanted to go to the store and see what I could combine or make with little to no fabrication.

And without further ado... Removable Dorm Nerf Blaster Rack!

[I will talk about 3M Command stips a lot, but I am in no way, shape, or form an affiliate of the 3M Company or any of its subsidiaries... They are the only major removable adhesive tape manufacturer I know of, so that's what I used.]

Step 1: All My Pieces...

Ok, so I'll be basing this on "Here in America."  I'm sorry, but I don't know what's available anywhere else in the world.  I'm fairly certain there are analogs to what I describe elsewhere... but I just don't know what they are.

So this project revolves around 2 primary items. 
1) Large hooks with flat backs

The big black hooks pictured are called J-hooks.  They are designed to hold your drain-pipe under the house and come in many sizes and several colors.  They are also very cheap.  I was able to get the large 4" ABS ones for $1.50 each.   They also have a large flat back surface that allows the adhesive strips to... adhere. 

I was lucky enough too to find regular wall hooks.  These just happened to be at my local walmart and fit the bill.  They were about a dollar as well.

You will need a minimum of 2 hooks per blaster.

2) Removable wall adhesives

3M Makes these Command strips that are designed to come off walls without leaving residue or tearing the paint/wallpaper/drywall from the joists... I've tried this with regular double-sided foam tape and I ended up needing spackle...  the command strips pull right off even at the end of the semester.

They are a bit pricey, but get the bigger strips.  I tried to use poster hanger-sized and they fell off after a day.

I bought the plastic box too... it was around $5 I think.

Step 2: Stick'em Up!

Pretty self-evident, but I figured it needed a step.... Follow the instructions on the adhesive strips and stick the hooks to the wall.  Put the strips so that the removal tab is visible when the hook is installed.  Press firmly to set the hook in place.

Place at least 2 strips on each hook.  I learned this the hard way, trying to save adhesive strips.  The AS-10's mounts kept falling off and dropping the blaster on the floor.  Eventually, I added 2 and it's held up for a week so far.

Make sure the blasters are level when they rest on the hooks.  My suggestion is to put up the front hook first, then use the blaster to position the second.

Step 3: ALL Done...?

And that's it!  Blasters are off the floor and at the end of the year, you don't have to pay a room repair fee.

Step 4: Bonus: Dart Holder!

Now, I found a clear plastic box that was just perfect for 2 rows of darts.  Not being a fan of squished darts and a messy living area, I figured dart management would be a good thing.

Lids and handles are nice.  They keep things from flying off.

Now, I had a screw in that location already, so I added another next to it... BUT, if you're in a dorm, what to do?!?  The Command line also has little hooks that use the same removable tabs.  Take 3-4 of those,carefully line them up, and use them to hook the box.  The box has a lip that lets you hang them this way.

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    6 months ago

    Nice! You make diy’ing seem almost possible.. thank you for how you instruct. 💜