Cockroaches Bye-Bye

There is a simple way to make them disappear.

You need one item.

That item is salt.

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Step 1: Small Amounts Cast Around

On the floor, where the wall meets the floor.

Every three feet or so, throw a pinch of salt.

Carpeted or uncarpeted. Floorboards or tiles - It doesn't matter.

Walk around inside of each room, throwing a pinch of salt down as you walk, every step or so.

Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, garage - each room.

Then the hard-to reach places, just a pinch will do: on top of and inside kitchen cupboards, and behind the refrigerator, drawers, under sinks, all shelves and clothes wardrobes.

In the bathroom, pour a little down the sinks and drains.

That's it. Your done.

You won't see them again.

Step 2: Now for the Questions...

You mean I just walk around the house, sprinkling salt, and the cockroaches are gone?

That's exactly what I mean.

How come no-one's heard of this before?

I don't know.

'I don't want my house with salt all over the place!

You won't see or step on any salt. This is probably the major "issue" with this process. People think they have to turn their place in to a salt mine, with salt caked along the walls and they will notice it.

Roughly, a teaspoon of salt is enough to do an entire average-sized home including the pouring of some down drains and sinks.

You won't notice the salt.

'How much salt do I need to use?'

Standing about a metre away you would flick one pinch of salt for every 1.5 metres (or five feet) of where the wall meets the floor.

One pinch flicked in cupboards and wardrobes. A little down drains and sinks. It doesn't have to be perfect.

'Will the salt stain my carpet?

Excess salt is sometimes used to soak up liquid carpet stains, and this isn't excess. It's not a liquid. It doesn't stain.

'Can you guarantee I'll never see another cockroach again?

There are no guarantees in life.

When you first scatter the salt, if you have a lot of cockroaches, 99.9% of them will exit the house, pronto. Later that day or night, you may see one trying to find a spot where there's no salt. After that one is terminated with extreme prejudice, you will be cockroach free. Is that a guarantee? Mmmm...

'Why do the cockroaches go away?'

Interesting question. I think it may have something to do with salt adversely affecting their digestive system. Arthropod physiology, huh? It's a wonderful world.

'Salt doesn't kill cockroaches!

That's right, it doesn't.

It repels them.

'How long does it last?

Until you vacuum, or sweep or wash the bathroom floor, or clean the cupboards. After any of these, you will have to do it again.

'If this works, why are there multi-billion-dollar companies selling cockroach baits and poison?

Not sure. Baits and poisons attract, and the theory is that cockroaches eat the bait and go away to die. That's the theory.

Grains of salt are a cockroach repellent.

'Where else can I use it?'

Car. Taxis use it. Buses. Please don't eat or drink on public transport. It attracts cockroaches. Restaurants. Hotel room. Your parent's house. Fast food. Anywhere cockroaches are a problem.

'Does it matter what type of salt I use?'

I've never tried it with any kind of flavored salt so I'm not sure about those. I have done it with:

Ordinary table salt out of a plastic shaker.
Iodized table salt out of a plastic shaker.
Sea salt ground out through a salt mill.

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    15 Discussions


    10 years ago

    Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!


    6 weeks ago

    I just moved into my new place I didn't know it had a roach problem so I actually tried salt it was working I put some on the baseboard and the floor and the bathroom too the roaches was running out of the baseboard they didn't like the salt at all .it definitely works,


    Question 12 months ago on Introduction

    How can it be true that salt repels cockroaches because we have an infestation of them in the salt container for our water softener??


    3 years ago

    What about epsom salt? Would that do the trick?


    4 years ago

    With the fleas... Vacuuming helps bring the eggs and young fleas up to the surface of the rugs. The smell would suffocate them and kill them. But for me it wasn't enough. I wanted them gone. Table salt it was. The fleas were gone in just a few short moths and my boy Jack has been flea free.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Sorry. Typo. They were gone in like two weeks


    4 years ago

    With the fleas... Vacuuming helps bring the eggs and young fleas up to the surface of the rugs. The smell would suffocate them and kill them. But for me it wasn't enough. I wanted them gone. Table salt it was. The fleas were gone in just a few short moths and my boy Jack has been flea free.


    4 years ago

    We had an infestation of fleas a few years back. My poor dog. I got him on a new flea medicine but also vacuumed the carpets, sprayed with vinegar and when that dried I sprinkled salt down. I read that the salt works like the diatomaceous earth. It cuts the flea so it essentially bleeds to death. I recently read that it does the same to roaches. So, I was curious if salt would work just as well. I searched and found this blog. Salt is one of the cheapest things you could buy that would get rid of bad bugs like this. I sprinkled boric acid all around the beds and dressers and couches. I've had the exterminator out but I can't wait for them to cross the barrier and eat the bait to take back to their nest. I want them gone now!!! So thanks for the info!!!


    Reply 6 years ago on Step 2

    Salt does kill fleas and you do not have to grind it do anything to it. Just don't let it get wet. We had an BAD infestation last summer and tried some very expensive stuff for several weeks before we found out about regular old salt. I went nuts with it. I just got the table salt out of the cupboard and started sprinkling it everywhere, in every room, on tile, wood and carpeted floors. I washed our two indoor cats with salt water and shampoo. After two days there were no fleas jumping on us at all and none on our cats. I vacuumed up the wood and tile floors after a few days but left the salt at the baseboards of the carpeted rooms for a few weeks just to be sure. 6 months later and haven't had any fleas in the house or on the cats. I even sprinkled it around our outdoor dogs bedding. Animal shelters around here use salt instead of expensive chemicals and brands too.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    It probably works since insects don't like powders, because the crystals tend to wear through their exoskeletons and then they die of dehydration.

    1 reply