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Introduction: Easy Scented Sachets

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Fabric scraps have lots of great uses and making scented sachets is just one of them. Sew two pieces of fabric together, stuff with whatever relaxing scents you want and then stash them away. We like to keep a lot of lavender around in the hopes that it really does help calm anxiety issues in animals.

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Step 1: BoM

Fabric scraps

Sewing needle/machine

Thread, pins, marking chalk

Scissors, ruler, stencils

Frey Check

Potpourri, dried herbs

Step 2: Prep

Iron out your fabric pieces to make matching sides up easier. Trace whatever shapes you want onto the fabric and then cut about 1/4" away from your tracing. Each sachet needs 2 pieces so make sure you trace/cut-out two. Pin the wrong sides together so that they are facing outwards.

Step 3: Sew

I did a simple single stitch all the way around the pattern I used. I went slowly around the curves and double-backed to secure the stitches. Leave about 1" opening.

Step 4: Flip & Fill

Pull the sachet inside out so that the right sides of the fabric are now facing. Carefully fill your sachet with whatever scents you want.

Step 5: Close

Use a blind ladder stitch (or whatever stitch you prefer) to close the opening in your sachet. Some tricky shapes benefit from being pinned while you stitch to ensure the filling doesn't come out.

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