Easy Sea Monkey Aerator

Introduction: Easy Sea Monkey Aerator

Tools & Items needed:
Exacto knife or razor blade knife
small fish tank air stone
children's medicine dropper (Can be found at grocery stores, walmarts, or at the pharmacy. if you are a parent with young children you probably have tons of them on hand.)

How to make:
Take the exacto knife or razor blade and cut the very tip of the medicine dropper off right at the rim. Insert small fish tank air stone into medecine dropper tip. It should be a snug fit but easy to insert and easy to remove.

How to use:
Place air stone portion of the aerator in the sea monkey water. Squeeze bulb to release air bubble into the water. Remove aerator from the water before releasing the squeeze bulbs so it doesn't fill with water. Keep repeating until you feel there is enough aeration for your sea monkeys. Most of the posts I have seen online recommend about 15 pumps. All the online posts seem to recommend waiting until the 2nd day to begin doing aeration, daily for 7 days, and then you can reduce to every other day or so. I think I will just do it every day though.

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