Easy See Target

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What's bad about sighting in a gun? Seeing where you shot. (In some cases) so let's fix that problem with the easy see target. And it only takes under five minutes to make!

Step 1: Make Time

You will need: Saran Wrap, yellow or green paint, paper target, and tape. Basically you put paint on the wrap and smear it the size of the target. (About 1 tbs) Fold the wrap over and tape it then tape it to the target



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    3 years ago

    That's a cool way to do the splatter target. Another way is to use spray paint on a surface like packing tape to allow the paint to lightly adhere but flake off to reveal an underlying color. Take a look at www.visibilitytargets.com for a template to enhance the painted method and use crosshairs and rings on the targets.