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Intro: Easy Smartphone Projector

Hello guys! this is my very first instructable. Please feel free to read it and comment if there are any changes I need to make for my future posts.

Here I will teach you how to make a cheap and simple homemade smartphone projector. MATERIALS: Cardboard box(a shoe box is fine) A bi/plano convex lens(any size) Tools: Scissors glue Thumb pin

Step 1: Preparing the Box

Cut a small hole, about the size of the lens in one of the small sides of the shoe box. You can do this by pressing the lens on the box and cutting along the impression formed.

Step 2: Making the Sound Outlet

Exactly on the opposite side of the box where you made the lens hole, draw a circle and punch holes inside it as shown in the image. this is the place from where the sound will come out.

Step 3: The Mobile Holder

cut a strip of cardboard of the height slightly more than your mobile phone's height and width double the size of your mobile's width. Cut a thin strip of the size of your mobile's width as shown. The extra cut you see is made near the speaker for sound to escape.

Step 4: Place the Lens

This step is easy. Just pop the lens in the hole you made earlier. In case you have a bare lens, stick it with transparent tape or little glue. Make sure everything is neat. This will determine the clarity of your projection.

Step 5: Assembly

Slide the flip cover of your mobile through the slot you made in the mobile holder as shown.

Enjoy your creation!

Increase the brightness of your mobile to full and play a video in a dark room.

Thank you for viewing my instructable. If you make a projector, do post its images.



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    Whoop whoop

    1 year ago

    I really want to make this. Kids could use this for a movie night ??

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