Easy Smee Costume

Introduction: Easy Smee Costume

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Our family's theme this year for Halloween was Peter Pan.

I'm expecting so I have a good size belly. I decided to be Smee since he has a good size belly too.

I was really short on time and put this costume together in about a half an hour.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies Needed
-White t-shirt
-Robbin's egg Blue Ribbon the wider the better
-Heat n' Bond Iron-on adhesive
-Red knit fabric
-Matching Red thread
-Hand sewing needle
-White faux fur (or something that would look good as white sideburns.
-Blue shorts or capris

Step 2: Smee Shirt

-Lay your white t-shirt flat on an ironing board.

-Measure a piece of ribbon across the top chest part of the shirt and cut the ribbon piece.

-Cut a strip of Heat n' bond the length of the ribbon, and a little less than the width of the ribbon.

-Following the Heat n' Bond directions, iron the Heat n' Bond strip to the ribbon, pull off the paper, then iron the ribbon to the shirt.

-Repeat the steps above attaching a ribbon piece a few inches below the first ribbon piece.

-Continue to attach ribbon pieces until you reach the bottom of the shirt.

-Attach a ribbon piece to the sleeves.

-I only attached ribbon to the front of my shirt (I was short on time), but you can attach it around the back as well if you would like.

Step 3: Smee Hat

-Measure the circumference of your head, divide by 2, then add an inch or so. This will be the width measurement for your hat.

-Cut two rectangle pieces. My pieces were 12 inches wide by 14 inches long. (You can also cut on the fold and only have to stitch one edge.

-Lay the two pieces right sides together, and sew a seam up each long side. Then turn right sides out.

-Thread your hand sewing needle with match red thread.

-Stitch around the top edge of the hat (one of the shorter edges), then pull the thread tight scrunching all the fabric together and closing off the top of the hat. Secure the stitching.

-Optional- Hem the bottom edge of the hat. You don't have to hem it, the knit fabric shouldn't fray. I didn't hem mine, I just tucked the bottom edge in, and it worked great.

-Cut the white faux fur to look like sideburns and go around your ears. Attach the sideburns to the hat. Or, if you don't have time (like me) just stick the top edge under the hat. Mine stayed the whole night just tucked in like that without any problems. I also used double sided tape to keep it stuck to my cheeks.

-You're done!

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