Easy Spanish Chorizo, Potato, Egg, Bean Salad Recipe




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Quick recipe for delicious salad. It only takes about 35 minutes to make it.
Spanish chorizo, potato, egg and bean salad recipe.


chorizo (225 g)

potatoes (450 g)

4 eggs

green beans (225 g)

garlic (1 clove)


spring onion

balsamic vinegar

olive oil


Fry chorizo until crispy, add garlic, spring onion and parsley. Stir in the balsamic vinegar. Cook potatoes in a large pot about 12 minutes, add the eggs for 8 mins and finally green beans for another few mins. Drain the water and remove eggs. Cool the eggs under cold running water. Mix potatoes, beans and previously cooked chorizo all together. Add seasoning. Cut the eggs and serve with fresh orange juice (Watch how to make a fresh juice - http://youtu.be/zG5gNaBek_M)


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    4 years ago

    I'm from Spain... this salad doesn't exist