Easy Spooky Tree

Introduction: Easy Spooky Tree

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You can make spooky trees for your Halloween village using only a paper towel roll.


Step 1:

You'll need:

empty  paper towel roll
brown and black paint

Step 2:

Cut from the top down in long, pointy finger shapes, about ten or so. 

Do the same on the bottom and make roots. 

Take each "limb" and crease down the center lengthwise, making sure some curl under, some point up and/or out.

Step 3:

Take the trunk part and squeeze and slightly twist. 

Paint the entire tree dark brown with black highlights. 

After it's dry you can re-crease the limbs and spread the roots out so that it will stand on its own.

Step 4:

Now you have trees that didn't cost you a thing! 

You can paint the inside orange, cut out eyes and a mouth and drop down a little battery operated light inside for a really spooky effect, too.

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