Easy Star Jar Lantern




This is a super easy star jar lantern I made for my kid's when we go out camping. Its solar powered so no worrying about batteries '

Step 1: Materiels

Materiels needed:
1 wide mouth mason jar
1 can of glitter spray paint
1 small solar light

powder glitter
strip of ribbon
glue gun
these last three items are not necessary

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Step 2: Prepare the Solar Light

1st dissemble the solar light from the stem

2nd remove the metal housing by pushing down from the top

3rd sand the plastic sides of the solar light just a bit for a better fit

Step 3: Prepare Jar

1 Use a liberal amount of glitter spray inside the jar

2 While the paint is still wet give it a
glitter dusting with the powder glitter
(Step 2 is not necessary but makes it more glittery)

3 Apply more glitter spray after first coat as dried

4 repeat steps 1 and 2 until jar losses some of it's transparency

Step 4: Assembling Jar

With light down insert solar section into jar. A little pressure will be necessary for a tight fit. You don't want the solar light all the way in the jar. The depth will depend on how much you sanded.

Step 5: Adding a Little Flair

1 measure how much solar light is sticking up from the jar

2 fold your ribbon to that width, using your glue gun, glue the ribbon to the light.

3 cut another ribbon strip about a foot long for a handle and glue it down

4 add another strip around the top of the jar



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