Easy Steel Tonfa for $25

Introduction: Easy Steel Tonfa for $25

If you want a reliable, good quality tonfa, you will not be able to buy it online so you need to make it, I can show you how to make one for around $25, It's quick and easy.

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Step 1: Purchase the Necessary Parts

My tonfa includes the following:

Necessary items

1, 3/4 pipe tee

4, 3/4 x 6 pipe Nipple

3, 3/4 pipe caps, I got black steel caps cause it looks cool

1, 3/4 coupling

Unnecessary items

1 spool of jute

1 spool of pipe tape, just buy it, it's like 40 cents and it gets the threads tighter grip, also leak proof.

1 pipe flange, It's the red circle thing, all it does is make wrapping easier for this build.

you can use what ever wrap you like, I chose Jute because its cheap and durable. You can always use leather or any type of durable fabric you like to wrap it with.

Step 2: Assemble the Parts

This should be very simple, just use the pictures as reference.

If you chose to buy pipe tape, which you should because it's cheap and you can afford it, wrap the threads a few times, that's it you did it, congrats.

Step 3: Wrapping the Pipe

There are many ways to wrap any kind of handle and you can find tutorials on wrapping handles anywhere, I chose simple over technical for my wrapping.

Remember this is with jute, this wrapping will be difficult with a different type of material, leather etc.

Step 1

Pull a generous amount of slack to one side of the pipe while the spool of jute sits on the other, like picture one.

Step 2

Once that is done do a simple x knot at the base of the pipe, like you are tieing your shoe. After the x knot use the tread FROM THE SPOOL to wrap the pipe, and make it as tight as you can like picture two.

Step 3

Cut the thread from the spool, leaving yourself about 12 inches, after the thread is cut you need to make a slack in the jute and make another x knot, make this as tight as possible by moving the thread in your hand back and forth with tension until it is tight.

Step 4

Take the thread in your hand and bring it back down the pipe. Now take the generous amount of slack you left on the right side of the pipe from the beginning and do an x knot at the base over the top of the jute you brought down the pipe. In picture 3 you will see how to wrap back up the pipe till you get to the top. Make the same One or two x knots than cut the excess thread. You can use a small amount of adhesive on the area where you cut the excess thread, just to keep it more secure.

Step 4: Done, You Are Now a Ninja

After you wrap the rest of the pipes, the tonfa will be completed, if you used the materials I used you will notice it has a good weight and is very balanced, since all the pipping nipples where in incriments of 6 inches it is natuarlly balanced.

BTW don't paint anything red like I did it looks like crap, just buy the black steel if you can, I bought a galvanized tee. I will change out the tee sometime to the black steel. maybe

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    I'm doing my part to prepare the public for that specific occasion, one tonfa at a time