Easy Strawberry Jam Party Favors

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Throwing a strawberry party & looking for a cute & easy favor? How about something that they can consume instead of a favor that will just sit around? (But those are fun too!). Try these jam/jelly/preserves party favors.

They would be cute with minis too!


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Step 1: Trace

Use your fingernail to "trace" the indent of the jar lid onto the back of the green paper.

Cut the circle out. If you have a circle cutter that's the same size, that would give you a more uniform look. But cutting it out by hand gives it a little more of the handmade charm.

Step 2: Write

Write your "thank you for coming..." message on the paper. You could also use rubber stamps, stickers, or print something out on the computer. Or, you can leave it blank.

Step 3: Glue

Adhere the green circle to the lid with a glue stick.

Step 4: Tie

Tie a length of green curling ribbon around the jar's neck. Before you tie it tight, add a shorter piece of ribbon under.

Double-knot the longer piece of string, and knot (I don't remember if I did a double-knot or a single-know) the shorter piece.

Step 5: Curl

Curl your 4 ribbon ends.

Step 6: Party

Set these up in a cute display for guests to take a jar as they leave your party! They can think of you each time they have a PB&J! :)

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