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Introduction: Easy Student Pizza Video Recipe

Here at UniMeals we try to keep things simple and straight to the point. Our Videos are made with students in mind and try to teach you something whether you are new to cooking or know quite a lot. In this video we have covered two pizzas at the same time. A very very basic pizza dough and a more advance (and much tastier) Pizza dough with cornmeal on the bottom to get that Dominos crust taste!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Basic dough: (I recommend the Dominos style below)

About £1 for 11" thin crust

Mug of Plain Flour (200g) plus more for kneading

Teaspoon of yeast

half teaspoon of sugar

Tomato Purée

Cheese (mozzarella or Cheddar)

Dominos style crust:About £1.50 for an 11" thin crust

Mug of half Plain Flour, half Strong White Flour plus more for kneading

Teaspoon of Yeast

half teaspoon of Sugar

pinch of Salt

Tomato Purée

Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese

Corn Meal - Most important thing for dominos style!!! (can usually be found in the world food section of supermarkets).

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing this easy pizza recipe. I hope we see more projects from you in the future!