Easy Stylus Made Out of Trash




Introduction: Easy Stylus Made Out of Trash

Touchscreen technology is great, but if you want to draw something or write accurately and not spend 25 dollars, this instructable is for you!
This stylus works very well, has a comfortable grip, and costs less and a dollar to make (it's made entirely of trash)!

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Step 1: How to Make It

Materials: Empty toilet paper roll, scissors, tape, chip bag that is shiny inside out
Cut a line straight down the toilet paper roll.
Cut another line straight down about 2cm away and throw the larger paper away.
Fold into 3 parts
Fold so that the smaller folded place touches where you want the end of the third part to be
Cut where it met!
. . . And tape!
Cut the chip bag so that it is as tall as the toilet paper roll and wide enough to cover the whole thing.
Cut out a strip about the size shown above in picture 9
Tape the smaller strip onto one end of the toilet paper roll and make sure there is extra.
Tape the larger one on and wrap the whole thing
Optional: cover it in something colorful or decorate it to make it look neat.

Step 2: How It Works

How does it work?
To know that, you first need to know how a touchscreen works.
The iPad responds to your finger because there is a tiny amount of electricity in your finger.
So, we need to make the stylus soft and able to conduct electricity. Like a finger.
The chip bag conducts electricity and the tip of the stylus is soft like a finger.
The decoration is covering the chip bag, but it's very thin, so the stylus still works.

Step 3: Use It

The stylus is easy to use and it's three sides makes it comfortable to grip. You can use it to take notes, draw something, or label something.

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