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About: I'm an American living in South Africa and I love making costumes! Unfortunately life is hard on Instructablers here as there is no Home Depot or craft stores.

This is a super easy thing to make. And also super useful when you are lost in the wild. I made this because I was bored and thought it would be a great way to get rid of some randomness I have lying around the house. Everything in it can be easily bought at your local Target or camping shop. You could do this with your kids and they could make their one to keep in the car, but CAUTION: there are hazardous items in it like matches and a knife. If any accidents occur, they are not my fault. Have fun!


Step 1: The Can

You can use just about any container for your survival can, as long as it has three virtues:

• it is water proof

• it can hold all your survival items

• it can hold liquid

If your container has those three virtues, it will work great. Just be sure to wash it out throughly before use. (One of the reasons I chose this one because it smells like chocolate)

Step 2: Filling the Can: Hygiene

I built this can to help someone survive the great outdoors and provide a little comfort. Here are some essential items to add to your can:

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Soap (mine looks like an owl)

• Deodorant

• Hairband or Hair-tie

• Hair brush

• Hand Sanitiser (This can be used to clean wounds, so be sure to include it)

• Band-Aids

Step 3: Filling the Can: Fire

Fire is very important when in a survival situation. It can make heat, light and scare away predators. Here are some things that can help someone start a fire:

• Tinder (I used shredded paper towel)

• Vaseline (contains Petroleum Jelly, which when coated on the tinder can make it burn longer)

• Matches

Be careful with children when adding these items.

Step 4: Filling the Can: Food

Food is crucial, especially for someone who can't quite hunt or forage. I put some fruit bars in mine because they last and are very healthy. You can add other food to your can, but make sure it is either canned, full of energy and can last a long time. If you haven't used the food in the can within about 3 months, replace it.

Step 5: Filling the Can: Other Items

Lots of survival stories show someone using a totally random object as an important part of their wild life. I added a few items that might come in handy.

• A small bag containing a broken pocket knife, tent clip, a hook and safety pin.

• A glow-in-the-dark bracelet

• A paracord bracelet

• Tissues

• A mirror

• A compass

Step 6: Filling the Can: Drawing

I find if I want to calm down, drawing helps. I thought it would maybe help people not go into panic mode when ever they are suddenly thrown into a survival situation. I put in:

• A multi-color crayon

• A pen

• An eraser

• A pencil sharpener

• A pencil (not shown in the picture)

Step 7: Have Fun!

This can could be used for practically everything. I find having something like this is great to have in the car, even if it's not a life or death circumstance. Once again: PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN A SURVIVAL SITUATION!

You can totally add or not put in items that I have or haven't mentioned. Have fun Instructabling! (Is that a word?)

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    2 years ago

    Not to be critical or anything, but wouldn't it be smart to substitute the toothpaste or soap for some extra paracord, aluminum foil, ect. You could add some more vital items. Other than that, great kit! I like the ending.


    Nice survival planning. Also, bonus points for using a container other than an Altoids tin.