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Introduction: Easy T-shirt Makeover

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Did you know that you can make a stylish loose summer t-shirt from an old XL-sized T-shirt?
Here is how my vintage oversized T-shirt looked past 30 minutes.

You can also find the tutorial in my blog: http://thethings-we-do.com/easy-t-shirt-makeover/

Step 1: Materials

- Big t-shirt (make sure it is loose on you and has a cool print)
- Scissors
- 2 buttons
- Needle with a thread
- Sewing machine (optional)
- Pins

Step 2: Step 1. Try on and Mark.

Try your t-shirt on and mark with the fabric marker where you want your neckline.

Step 3: Step 2. Cut!

Cut off the neckline according to your marks. Make an arch-like cut between the marks you`ve made and try the t-shirt on. You can cut the neckline the way you like it – high or low. It`s up to you. For my t-shirt I`ve made the neckline wide so that I could wear it with one shoulder showing.

Step 4: Step 3. Zigzag!

Zigzag the edge of the neckline to prevent unravelling and to make it scroll in a little.

Step 5: Step 4. Roll Up and Fix!

I didn`t like the sleeves` length either, so I decided to make them shorter. One of the easiest and most obvious options was to cut them and zigzag, just like the neckline. But that`s too easy.
I chose to roll up the sleeves to the desired length.

Afterwards I have fixed the rolled up sleeves with the buttons. The easiest way was to hand sew them at the middle of the sleeve.

In fact you can also fix the sleeves with the pin, small brooch or simply use a secret stitch. It`s only the matter of taste.

Step 6: Step 6. (optional)

If the T-Shirt is too long for you either – cut the bottom to the length you like and zigzag the edge.

So this is the T-shirt I finally came up with. It was very comfortable to wear at the seaside. And I love the way the neckline looks like.

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