Easy Tablet Stand for the Wall (drill, Hooks and Plastic Anchors).

You will not need too much to make this stand and you can use it everywhere in the house; I have made two, one for the hallway because I have heard that electronic devices while you use the bathroom it is dangerous for the device. I mean, I did plan to make it on the bathroom but I am not skill enough to make holes on the tiles so I did not mind to make it on the hallway so for example, apart from the electronic thing you can always place it there if you are cleaning the bathroom, you will always have it at hand. No matter what part of the house you clean.

The second one it is on my bedroom, I have placed just above a plug so I can charge it while I use it and just at the right side of my bed, a little above and let's say on my chest if I lay down on my bed.

You only need:

  • Hooks
  • Plastic anchors
  • Drill

The amount needed it is directly related to the stands you want to make.

Step 1: Take Measurements

I downloaded an app to use it as a bubble level so I could center the hooks. You need to make four marks, two below the device and two more on each side of the device (more or less the center). To make it more accurate you can use a measurement tape and a protractor. For instance, let's say you just measure the right side; then you place the protractor on the center of the hole placed below the device and look how many centimeters there are to the hole on the right side and placed above the last one (more or less the center of the device). You just use this measure to take it to the left side.

Step 2: Do the Holes

Simply do the holes with the drill.

Step 3: Place the Plastic Anchors and the Hooks

Once you have done the holes place the plastic anchors and the hooks. You can place the device already so you can adjust how much you want the device to be sticked to the wall.

Tip: if you can not get the device on the two hooks, I mean, if it does not fix, you can tap with a hammer but carefully so you open the angle of the hook.

Tip: whether you prefer a more adjustable tablet or you separated the holes too much, you can use earplugs so you will adjust even more the tablet to the wall sticking them on the hooks. Besides, the hooks will not do scratches on the device.

Step 4: Enjoy!

I have placed it almost at cloud level lol I am not that tall but I have a cat.



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