Easy Tahini

Introduction: Easy Tahini

Making tahini at home is as easy as can be!

You will need:

Olive Oil
Sesame Seeds

Baking Tray
Storage container (mason jar, tupperware, etc)

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Step 1: Toasting

This step is optional... if you want making tahini to be even easier you can buy pre-roasted sesame seeds at the grocery store.

Pre-heat the oven to 300℉.
Spread approximately 1 1/2 cups raw sesame seeds evenly over a baking tray, then place on the middle rack of your pre-heated oven.

Toasting the seeds will take between 5 and 10 minutes.
You may find it helpful to shift the pan every couple of minutes in order to mix up the seeds.

Do not let the seeds brown - they blacken easily and will keep roasting for a little bit once they have been removed from the oven. When the pale white seeds begin to turn slightly golden, take the tray out, shake it a little to unstick the seeds and let cool.

Step 2: Blend & Serve

Once your toasted sesame seeds have cooled a little, add them to the blender with 1/3 to 1/2 cup olive oil.

Blend on high speed until smooth.
You may need to use a spoon to mix in the last few seeds as they tend to cling to the sides.

Pour your tahini into your chosen container and store in the refrigerator, serve as is while fresh or leave in the blender to make hummus with.

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    Nice recipe. Thanks for sharing. One question: how many days does it stay good in the refrigerator?