Easy Texta Gas Gun




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For those of you who like projectiles and guns. I'll show you how to make one pretty cool texta gun out of a texta and a deoderant bottle.

This is actually and old idea taken from a friend and partially improved upon.

Step 1: Getting the Parts

So, basically you'll need a deoderant can, but I used a lighter refill can as it is higher pressure and the nozzle fitted better. Remember, the can's contents doesn't have to be flammable, just under pressure.

You'll also need a texta. You know, one of those old types with the clip lid so you can make stuff out of them. You will need only one to make the launcher itself, but It is recommended that you have more (see next steps).

You will also need a pair of pliers and something hard and fine ended (large pin or soldering iron are good)

Step 2: Preparing Things

Ok, so use the pliers to pull the gold coloured end cap off. KEEP THIS!!! dont throw it away as it'll be your ammo.

Next pull out the ink tube with the pliers, and shake the texta untill the ink tube falles out. You can throw away both the ink tube and the tip.

Step 3: Making the Launcher

Now, with the sharp pointy object, flare the small end of the texta until it fits you're deoderant bottle. Take care not to split the end of the texta, so be careful.

The can below is a lighter refill can. I used it not for the extreme flammability of its contents, but its high pressure.

If you are using a deoderant bottle now is the time to take off the lid and cap. I know the new Links ones are a b1tch to get off, and you probably shouldn't risk screwing you're can up.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now, put the small flared end of the gutted texta on the deoderant can's nozzle and test if its fits.

Now, remember how I told you to save the end? re-insert it into the end of the texta and make sure it fits.

It should look something like what's pictured below.

Step 5: Firing

Now go outside, push the texta against the bottle, wait for a few seconds, and POP! the back cap of the texta should fly off in a cloud of cold fragrance! Have fun and use it responsibly.

Also, remember to use additional textas for ammo.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

If the gun doesn't work...

Usually the deoderant can's pressure is not enough. Try pulling the cap out a bit so it is not so hard for the gas to push it out.

The seal between the texta and can could be dodgy. make sure it fits and does not leak.

the can could be out of pressure. Remember, the more pressure the better!

there could be a split or leak in the texta. If so, you'll need to start over.



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