Easy Thai Iced Coffee

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Howdy Instructable readers.

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    Sounds delicious. I will have to give it a try next week, when we are supposed to finally get some summer heat here. Here being Ontario, Canada, where it has been mostly wet and cold enough to need to close the windows at night all through June.

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    I have also taken to tossing a splash of almond extract in the jar. I just cant toss stuff if there is a use for it. Hmmm room temp coffee... ICE IT!.

    Protip if you want a mocha before putting it over the rocks add hersheys syrup to taste.

    Oh, I just drink the coffee as is, whatever the temp. Just as long as it's not decaf.

    Thanks for the tips. I used to work in a place that served frozen coffee drinks, so I have experimented quite a bit. I can duplicate most of beverages sold in coffee shops and fast food places here, for a fraction of the cost. But I'm too lazy to clean out the freezer and make room for the ice cube trays. I will try to make the effort in the coming days. It would be nice to make some for my mom.