Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

Introduction: Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

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Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. Decorating is often more relaxed. There is no frenzy of finding the perfect Christmas tree. Left over Halloween décor can be slightly adjusted and look just grand for the month of November. You just need to get rid of the webs, spiders and ghosts - add a few autumn squash and baskets of apples and you are done.

This is an easy time to include the whole family in the decorating. Even the youngest can get involved if you keep it simple. Enjoy our Easy Thanksgiving Decorations demonstration. This will give you the creative push to gather the clan and decorate away – the more the merrier. If you don’t have your own kids or if they live too far away, just borrow a couple - there is bound to be a nearby busy mother that would be happy to share for an hour or two.

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Gather up a few simple supplies and you are ready to go; floral foam, wood picks, Oasis floral adhesive,
3M Super77 spray glue (from your local office supply store), a heavy plastic garbage bag and clay pots in various sizes – you will want it least 1 pot per person. Older kids may be able to complete 2 or 3. Just one is enough for the toddlers. If it is just you making the arrangements make as many as you like.

Flowers and fruits can be anything and everything - plan for 1 item per clay pot.
Autumn leaves – send the kids out to gather fallen leaves. Yes, at last, there is a use for all of those leaves remaining in the yard.

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Step 2: Mechanics

Line each pot with a square cut from the garbage bag and insert a small piece of pre-soaked floral foam. Notice how low the foam is in the pot, also trim or tuck the excess bag so it is also concealed. You do not want either to extend above the lip of the container.

Spray the surface with the 3M Super77 glue and drop the leaves in place. If you want heavier coverage, spray again and add more leaves. Yes, just drop the leaves in place. The casual falling leaf look is the new Thanksgiving trend – courtesy of Mother Nature.

Step 3: Securing the Fruit

To make the apples, or other fruit of your choice secure in the clay pots, just insert a 4” wood pick in the base of the apple and secure it in place with a small squirt of Oasis Floral Adhesive. This glue is truly amazing. It will bond your candles to wet foam, plastic to plastic, and wood to the fruit. We consider it to be the florist’s equivalent to Duct tape.

Step 4: Finished Decorations

Insert a single bloom through the fallen leaves and you have instant beauty. Yes, a design that every member of the family can create. What fun!

Once you have a collection of designs created, scatter them throughout the house to add a touch of autumn cheer to each room. Several clustered together on the dining table or buffet creates a casual centerpiece for all to enjoy. Scatter a few remaining leaves around to complete the natural look. Once the holiday feast is over, every guest can take one home as a reminder of all the fun they had this day.

Fun idea – Using a metallic, felt-tipped marker, label each with a guests name and use them as place cards. Oh, boy, better make some more - there are a lot of people coming to dinner!

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