Easy Things for Better 3D Printing on Cheap Chines Kits

Introduction: Easy Things for Better 3D Printing on Cheap Chines Kits

Hi guys, I use my SUNHOKEY Prusa i3 for more than 8 months, and during that time has made some hard upgrades for better printing.

Step 1: Steel Gear

For solid and smooth plastics, like a Professional PLA, i replaced the gear from brass to steel.

There is. I bought it on Aliexpress, price is very good.

Old gear slips on the smooth plastic and supply stop.

Step 2: E3D V6 Head

I replaced E3D v5 head to E3D v6. This gave an increase in height of print area and generally works better.

Link on Ali with better price.

Step 3: Cool

Cooling E3D v6. In stock cooling system not good. Print better cooling for 40mm fan.

There is on Thingiverse.

Step 4: Cool More

Print thin alone objects. For better printing thin objects you need a good cooling around nozzles:

I use separetely parts from this and turbo fan. Buy it Ali too, but i dont collect the link sorry.

Step 5: Glass on Table

Use mirror plate on table.

You ask, what a white sparay on it? It is Glue named PVAC. Once deposited on the mirror, it can be used for months. Perfectly keeps ABS plastic and very strong PLA. To remove very strongly adhered parts mirror place them in the freezer for 15 minutes. I'm not kidding.

Step 6: Solide State Relay

Best heating table. Do you hear about SSR? Solid State Relay? It's very cool thing. With this thing, you can power the table directly from the power supply, the heating will be faster.


Step 7: Oiled

And finally hacking. Use Machine oil for plastic. WHAT?!?! For plastic? Yep!

Print this. With this piece, filled with a little butter, seal PLA plastic never shuts.

Best prints for every one!

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