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I LOVE bat and owl jewelries. I've always thought of making an owl pendant myself but haven't made one yet.

Anyways, I came up with this idea of making a bat pendant using thick papers and couldn't wait to try it out, besides it would be perfect for Halloween, a quick and easy Halloween craft. If you're not into wearing costumes or makeups then you should give these pendants a try, they'll add a little something something!

I've seen these bat pendants in shops. The pendant turned out quite good. This instructable will show you how to make this bat pendant.  It could be a quick and easy Halloween craft.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make bat pendant (each) you'll need:

1) Thick paper,
2) Scissor,
3) White glue,
4) Pen or pencil,
5) Chain or black string,
6) Jump rings,
7) Fabric paint and brush,
8) Cutting plier.

Step 2: Preparing Pendant Shape

You can search the internet for bat patterns, adjust the size as you want and print it out to use it as a template. The pendant I made is 2cm X 3 cm.
I did freehand drawing of a bat on a piece of paper and used scissor to cut it out.

I used thick paper to make the pendants.
Place the cutout bat pattern on the thick paper and trace around the edges using a pen or pencil.
I cut out 3 bat shapes out of the thick paper for each pendant, you can add more layers to make the pendant thicker.
Now, simply glue the layers (cutout bat shapes) one over another.

Step 3: Designing

Use a polythene paper to make a small cone and fill it with white glue.
Carefully press the bottom of the cone and design the bat as you want. Too much detail could smudge the whole design, so be careful. I traced around the edges and added a few stripes on the wings of the bat.
Once you're done designing, allow the white glue to dry.
After the glue dries use something with a pointy edge to make holes on upper part of both wings (see last picture of this step).

Step 4: Coloring and Coating

I used fabric paints to color the pendants because they're glossy and thick.
Apply at least 2 coats of black fabric paint on pendant.
You can keep the pendant black or apply a layer or 2 of golden and silver glitter paint. But don't forget to apply 2 coats of black fabric paint before applying golden or silver paint.
Lastly, after the fabric paint dries, apply a coat of clear nail polish to give the pendant a shiny final touch.

Step 5: Attach Jump Ring and Chain

Attach jump rings on both holes of the wings (of the bat).
You'll need strings or thin rolo, figaro chain.
Use a cutting plier to cut the chain exactly into half and attach the pendant in the middle of the chain (by attaching the jump rings with the chain).

There, done! 

I love the black one the most and they look really nice. You can make pendants of any other shapes using this technique. I hope you enjoy making them!

Have fun :)

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3 years ago

That looks cool, I tried it with a piece of cardboard but it was too hard to cut. I plan on trying again soon!

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

You can use thinner cardboard, but use more pieces. It's easier to cut and in then you have awesome bat! :D


5 years ago on Introduction

This is great! I love that most of your projects are easy and cheap to do and comes out looking great too!

1 reply
Muhaiminah Faizshazni

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks shazni! I'm glad you noticed that! I try to make things as simply as possible and with easily available materials to make sure that the beginners find them easy to understand and make :)

WOW!!!!! These bats are amazing---and I can see using this craft for many other items---Christmas ornaments; other holiday crafts, many other shapes---great idea and THANKS for posting!!!!


5 years ago on Step 5

Interesting technique...

and, as a basic technique, it will be useful not just for pendant, but for a whole range of things...

Tks for sharing...

1 reply

Thank you!
yes, and the materials I used are also cheap and easily available so the possibility is endless!
No problem :)