Easy Under the Bed Extra Storage

Introduction: Easy Under the Bed Extra Storage

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This has to be the easiest way to storage items when closet and drawer space is at a minimum. The cost to you can be $0.00, yes nothing to pay. Just ask friends if they have any old dresser drawers that they what to get rid of and use the drawers under your bed frame. Of course you may have to make sure the drawers are the right height to fit under the bed frame. I have been doing this for many years. Another way of getting free dresser drawers is look around your neighborhood for discarded dressers that have been placed on the curb for white goods pick up day. You can place a cut out piece of cardboard to cover your items that are in the drawers if you wish. I made a pull out shoe box with automatic opening lid just for fun.



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    I like the Youtube, short and to-the-point.

    Can you include how you hinged the movable cover on the shoe box? Also, I found some rollers that only go backwards and forward that would work nicely on bottom of these drawers, possibly. 8-)

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    Hi katerlyn, Thank you so much for your comments. You are right, Habitat for Humanity Restore is a great place to get cabinet drawers. As for the question you had about the hinge portion of the shoe box, good old duct tape, run the length of the box & lid and fold half on the box and half on the lid. The spring action is with long rubber bands. Fasten one end to the bottom of the box on each corner and attach the other end to the lid cover ends. Drill a hole on each corner for the rubber band to tie to. The lid will have to be longer than the box length so it extends about two or three inches so the rubber band can pull the lid open. It was fun making. I have to much time on my hands. Best,

    Habitat for Humanity Restore stores have many drawers available at times. And cabinet fronts, etc. Great post, thank you. 8-)