Easy Valentines Made From Magazine Pages, Cardstock and Paper



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This is a St. Valentine's day easy project that I made last year. The main material is a glossy magazine that is laying around your house somewhere :) Why not just take it and create valentines for friends or classmates?


  • glossy magazine
  • double-sided cardstock or one-sided cardstock and colored paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hand written or printed out messages

Here is my quick step by step video tutorial:

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Step 1: Print Out or Draw a Heart Shape, Trace It on a Magazine Page and Cut Out

Step 2: Take Double-sided Cardstock or Glue a Piece of Colored Paper to the Back Part of One-sided Cardstock

Step 3: Glue the Heart to Cardstock and Cut Out Like Shown

Step 4: Take a Pencil and Roll Up a Tube of a Piece of a Magazine Page

Step 5: Glue a Tube to the Heart

Step 6: Write Your Valentine Message on Paper or Type Messages, Print Out & Cut Out

Step 7: Add Glue to the Sides of the Paper With a Message and Glue It to the Heart

Step 8: Done!

You can download the heart template which I used and the messages I made in the video description here.

It's not just an easy Valentine's Day project, it is quick, something new and low-to-no cost!

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