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Decorating your wall can give headaches ! What kind of art ? What wallpaper ? What if I don't like it in a month or in the next hour ??? Also, if you are renting a place you probably can't paint your walls unless your landlord is very open ! So you will think "Wall Stickers" ! Well that is what I thought... but when you want a special wall sticker and big enough to make a statement you will pay quite a lot !

Here is a solution that just need a bit of handcraft and a lil' cloud of creativity :)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

  • Big cutting mat
  • Black Foam Board 40 x 30
  • Command™ strips
  • Sharp Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Gloves
  • A shot of creativity (which I usually keep in my skull...)

I used Black Foam Board 40 x 30 for this project but you can use white or any other color and sizes that will fit your own design :)

Step 2: Draw & Cut the Foam Board

Draw your idea on the foam board or use the stencil (40x30") I've made for the Bamboo Wall Deco (please don't resell it...).

Using your cutter and gloves, cut the foam board in the desired shape. Use the cutting mat and be careful with sharp blades !!!

You can download the stencil in PDF below (right-click & save) !

Step 3: Add Strips & Place on Walls

Add one to two Command strips behind the foam board decorations and place them on your wall ! I have been able to place the bamboo decoration pieces on our townhouse (left) wall and remove them to install them back in our new home (right). Just be careful and follow the instructions on the Command strips to remove them safely :)

The last picture is another asian decoration I have done and applied with the same technique... I hope you will enjoy redecorating your home with no strings attached :)



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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty good idea...almost anyone could do it...is there a particular glue you would recommend for a project like this? I would really like this in my room but It would be cool to have something more permanent. Otherwise this is a cool demonstration of your skillz. Good job!

    2 replies

    Thank you gearup :D Well I have used the Command™ strips because they are easy to reposition or remove from your wall without damaging the paint or wallpaper. But if you want it permanent you can use 3M™ Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Aerosol that would cover big amount of foam board and be easily applied even on very detailed art :)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Clever alternative to those vinyl wall decals. The foam board looks very good in this adaptation.

    1 reply