Easy Wall Mounted Wine Holder



Introduction: Easy Wall Mounted Wine Holder

I decided to make a wall mounted wine holder for my parents about a week ago. It's easy to make, works as a good gift and you only need hand tools.

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Step 1: Making the Back Board

Before you start making the back board you should find a piece of wood that's about twenty inches wide and ten inches tall. Cut the corners off at a 45 degree angle I used a mitre saw but you could use any saw you like. The corners that you just cut off should now have three inch flat corners. Sand the board so it's smooth.

Step 2: Cutting the Shelf

Find a board to cut down so it's two thirds of an inch thick, three and a half inches wide and twenty inches long.

Step 3: Cutting the Suports

Get a board to cut into three pieces two of which are three inches long,one and a half inches wide and half an inch thick and the other one is twenty inches long, one and a half inches wide and half an inch.

Step 4: Mounting the Shelf

Get some wood glue whatever wood glue you normally use will work well. Apply glue to the side of the shelf and set it just above the two angled edge cuts. Apply ample clamping pressure. After twenty four hours drill holes in line with the shelf and add screws.

Step 5: Adding Supports

Get your glue, put it on the three inch pieces and place them on the newly cut corners and apply ample clamping pressure. After twenty four hours remove clamps and put glue on the ends sticking up. Then put the twenty inch long board so it lays on the three inch pieces. After twenty four hours remove clamps.

Step 6: Veneer

If you used a solid pieces of wood for the back you can skip this part if not here's step 6. You'll have to cut eight pieces of iron on veneer four will be three inches long, two six inches long and two sixteen inches long. Put the veneer on the edges and iron it on (any electric iron should work). There will be an over hang and you'll just need an exact-o knife to fix that. Put the knife so it's on the back of the back board and angle it so it just touches the edge of the back board. Then cut the excess veneer.

Step 7: Finishing

Give the whole wine holder a quick sanding. Then get a dark stain and apply it. Once the stain is cured for twenty four hours apply a urethane finish. Two to three coats with a light sanding between each one. After twenty four hours you can drill holes that are eighteen inches apart so they can screw into the studs in a wall. I hope you enjoy making this project as I did.

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