Easy Wallet Card Holder

Introduction: Easy Wallet Card Holder

I had so many reward cards from different stores that wouldn't fit in my wallet. I decided there had to be a way to fit all these cards in my wallet, now I can hold up to 15 cards in just one of these holders I created!



1 binder card holding case


Step 1: Get and Cut

First of wanna get one of these clear binder card holders, you can buy them at yard sales, flea markets, department stores like Walmart or target, comic stores, maybe even your attic or basement. Next cut one of the three sections like in picture 2. Then trim the edges of the holder you're placing in your wallet.

Step 2: Finish

Now you have a very organized card holder for your wallet! Enjoy! You can also put Velcro at the top of each area where you insert the cards, so it stays closed!



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    Nice idea! Very simple, but effective. Thanks for sharing!