Easy Water Filtering Straw

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This is an easy project and only requires 3 items you probably have around the house and you can make about 100 in 10 mins, but I had this idea and couldn't help but sharing it with all of you. This is a survival straw that filters water. Great for EDC and survival kits.

Here goes.....

Step 1: Materials and Making

What you will need:

-bending straw
-pipe cleaners
-scissors or wire cutters

Get your straw and pipe cleaner and cut the pipe cleaner so that they are the same length. Then just stick it all the way up the straw and bend the straw so it doesn't slip out and there it is, a water filtering straw! Test it out with some dirty water (water with coffee grinds, that is not actually water with dirt) and see how it works.

Keep in mind that this doesn't completely sterilize water and you should use water purifying tablets or boil it as well.

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    2 years ago

    I understand that you are trying to be innovative with common items, but this idea, if used, will get someone very sick or killed. The flow of water would deflect the fibers of the pipe cleaner. You couldn't even reduce turbidity of water with this, much less remove biological or chemical contamination. This is a horrible idea and a fail.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    And yes, I read the rest that recommends boiling or chemically treating the water. Purification tablets are not entirely effective in turbid water where microbes can hang out inside of a grain of silt and whatnot.