Easy Way to Use a Real Guitar in Rock Band!!




Introduction: Easy Way to Use a Real Guitar in Rock Band!!

you'll need an electric guitar, A Clean Amp And a Mic.

This Is An Easy Way to use a Real Guitar Although it's not under the guitar setting

This is my 1st instructable

My next one's will be better

Step 1: Setup

Put the mic about

25 cm's away from the AMP

Set the amp to clean and Volume should be 1.5 notches

Step 2: Playing

For this Step,

Go to practice and try out the strings

Although... I'm a real guitar player, so i can learn the frets by ear

Step 3: Enjoy

Once U have a feel for it Try it



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    11 Discussions

    This is pretty cool, and I like the game (though I suck at it-ironically, I do better at the drums than guitar!) but I have to just ask- if you're going to all this trouble, why not just learn to play guitar and start a real band with other players?
    Just curious-

     The review may not be entirely clear, so it's understandable why some people would get confused by it. The title itself is a very misleading in that it doesn't mention that this is used to play the vocal track. Still though, even though it's not what I expected, it's a cool idea and I've given it a quick test and I'm sure I'll be having a lot of fun thanks to this idea. You might not be playing any chords or playing along to the actual guitar track, but it still adds an awesome new dimension to an already fantastic game.

     I'm playing around with an idea for doing this with a hacked rock band controller, that gives me pretty good control. I'm working on a tutorial for it  on my blog (in Norwegian) but perhaps I should add an English version to Instructables as well?

    I did it for television, so I swapped out the gitar pick with boxing cloves for some added fun, but in theory it should word to add ground to the guitar strings and connect a wire to a guitar pick made of metal. 

    The tutorial is a little messy, but please ask if you are curious. 

     That's not what i was expecting, that doesn't really work, because what if there is a singing solo, or a guitar solo?

    the problem of the matter is that you use the guitar to play the vocals. now, does that make sense? lots of times vocals don't match the guitar notes, plus if you miss a not, the vocals stop, not the guitar. completely unrealistic and a waste of time. if you want to use a real guitar, buy one that doesn't work and mod it. seriously, dont post if its obvious people are gonna say stuff like this about it. give it more work.

    He's using the guitar to play the vocal track. Nifty, but he really should've explained that better.