Easy White-board!



Introduction: Easy White-board!

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Ok so i forget things a lot and i mean a lot! so i made this white-board to help with that!

oh and Amy is a friend of mine XD

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Step 1: Whatcha Need

so you are going to need...

  • a laminator
  • the laminator pocket thing for the paper
  • paper
  • board pen
  • and two old rags you don't need any more

Step 2:

so to start put your paper in the laminator pocket thing for paper. I have no idea what its called -_-

Step 3: Next...

next plug your laminator in and put it on the hot setting. wait for the ready light to go on.


now put the paper in with the sealed edge first. and let the laminator do its thing!!!

Step 5: Done!

now you can use you board pen to do what ever you want on the board.

To clean dampen one rag and wipe the board and then the dry one to get rid of the water left on the board.

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