Easy Wire Organizer


Introduction: Easy Wire Organizer

About: Hello, my name is Sean. I am 17 years old and in the middle of a hellish junior year of high school.

Today you will see how to make a simple wire organizer for cheap, dirt cheap.
1- I made a very cheap, safe, and easy to build wire organizer. The way it works is simple, you wrap a wire around a piece of pvc pipe and 2 t connecters to wrap wire around.
2-I got the idea to build the wire organizer from having a pesky microphone chord laying around (which was very long).  I did this project by myself (I am 14). My plans stayed the same throughout the design and build process.
3-I made this project in my house, all the materials are probably already in your house. This connects to other activites in my life by helping out a friend that has way to many wires behind his desk.
4-I learned that wires can be a big pain in many people's lives, that is why I decided to build something that people of all ages can use. If I had to repeat this project I would've used a thinner pvc pipe. 

Step 1: Materials

For this 5 minute project you will need a drill, 2 screws, a screwdriver, 2 T pvc pipe connecters, a piece of pvc pipe. (Everything is of your choice- length, width, height, screws, also dont forget to ask your parent for permission first.) 

Step 2: Assemble

Here you want to put the 2 T connectors on the ends of the pvc pipe. Make sure they fit well and a little tight. 

Step 3: Drill and Screw

Here you want to take a drill and drill a hole through the T connector and the pipe, make sure the screw fits in the hole.

Step 4: Finished

Finally find some of your pesky wires and tame them!



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    3 Discussions

    Well done instructable. Never thought of using those for storing cords, but it does make sense. Is there any reason you used the screws instead of PVC glue/cement?

    2 replies

    Personal I dont really mind the screws, but I dont really have the glue/ cement. The screws dont get in your way so either way it works the same.