Easy Workshop Cleaning Tip

This quick and easy tip will help you pick up staples, screws, metal shavings or even steel wool fibers. I came up with this idea after finishing some trim for a wood project and realize that the metal shavings from sanding with steal wool are very difficult to pick up. Although anyone could use just the bare magnet you would wind up with shavings on your magnet almost impossible to remove.

Step 1: You Will Need

1. A Ziploc bag
2. high-powered magnet

* I obtained my magnet from an old speaker *

Step 2: Keep It Simple S!

Pull the Ziplock bag inside out.

Place the magnet on the inside of the the reversed bag.

Step 3: Locate Metal Debris

With the magnet on the inside of the bag collect metal debris; shavings,staple, screws, filings, paper clips, nuts, or any other metallic mess.

Step 4: Collect Metal Debris

By waving your magnet still in the bag you will now begin to collect metal debris on the outside of the bag.

When you're done collecting the debris. Reversed the bag with the magnet still inside.

Your magnet should now be on the outside of the bag with your metal debris on the inside of the bag.

Step 5: Remove the Magnet

Zip the Ziplock bag shut and remove the magnet.

The debris is now closed inside the bag. You can either discarded it or place it to be used later.

This is a great tool to pick up dropped screws, paperclips,nuts,bolts or any other items you need to collect when you spill in the workshop.



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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is so stupid that I should have found it myself.

    Except I didn't and nobody else did but one person and that is Michael C !!!…

    Reading this just after the make shift rubber mallet is just mind rocking and confirms the old rule : the easiest, the dumbest and the simplest is always the most BRILLIANT !!!…

    This should also be a "WIN" in any contest !!!…

    True thanks for posting.

    Tex Arcana

    4 years ago

    Fantastic idea! thanks!

    brandt e

    4 years ago

    Great simple trick, it would be good for separating metal scraps from wood scraps!