Easy Yarn Wall Hanging





Introduction: Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

I love that the 70`s wall hanging trend is back!

There are various versions of the wall hangings, from makrame to woven artwork. My yarn wall hanging is the very quick and easy kind!

Step 1: Materials:



Metal ring

Step 2: How To:

Cut the yarn in preferred lengths. My yarn was so thick I only used about 20 lengths. Tie the yarn to the stick as shown in photo

Step 3: How To:

Tie a ring (I used a metal ring) to the yarn length in the middle...

Step 4: How To:

...and twirl the yarn around the ring to cover it.

Use a different colored yarn to decorate the ring.

Step 5: Hang It on the Wall!

Step 6: ...



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    4 Discussions

    What type of yarn did you use? It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    1 reply

    Thank you, Ungenious! I used thick wool yarn from Pandurohobby.no in this project.