How to Make Silk Thread Jewellery Bangles at Home 2018 || Fancy Silk Thread Bangles || Latest Bangle Designs for Girls

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Step 1: Materials Required

Silk Thread Bangles,

Plastic Bangles,



Stone chain,

Ball chain,

Step 2: Process

Take Plastic Bangle apply glue

Step 3:

take 4 different colour Silk threads, apply glue as shown in the picture

Step 4: Continue Winding

start winding as shown in the picture

Step 5: Apply Glue at Finishing of Bangle

Step 6: Apply Glue at Empty Space

start winding with new colour thread in empty space

Step 7:

Do as shown in the picture

Step 8: Place Kundan at Center

Do as shown in the picture

Step 9:

Do as shown in the picture

Step 10: Finally Jewellery Silk Thread Bangle Is Done

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