Easy and CHEAP X Acto Blade




Introduction: Easy and CHEAP X Acto Blade

Outside it's cold and I'm lazy. Need new blade for my Knife and I got an idea: I fawking love Wilkinson razor blade, so why don't try put it on my knife?

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Step 1: What You Need


Material: 1 Wilkinson razor blade

Tool: Pincer

Step 2: Ler's Do It

Just break the razorblade in the right place in order to get the wanted shape.

Note that razorblade is softer and thinner than normal blade so it will easily bend. Don't make it too long or it will be imprecise.

This is my first attempt, if you think a better shape for the blade, PLEASE!, share it.

Step 3: That's All Folks!

Here you are! New supersharp blade!

I tried it. It just make its job, but it's really really really sharp. It will be never like the original ones, but 1 razorblade will give you 4 knifeblade.

Rate, comment, tell me what you think.

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    That is a very good use for a razor blade. Just a question, when you say you used a pincer what is that? Is it like wire-cutters or pliers? Also did the pieces fly out after being cut? Safety goggles would be a good idea.