Easy and Cheap Bike Phone Mount




sorry for the detail not clera but i thik that this project will be good :)

Step 1:

you need a bell of bike

- remove the cver of bell

-fix it in the wood with a strong screw

Step 2:

what u need in this step is

-piece of wood with lenth 18 cm

-4 piece of miror attached

gather the four miror attached two and tow it will be like the photo

fix them with a screw and two nut to fix the to attached on the piece of wood

(d'ont forgrt to let a place for the phone betwen the two attached )

you can measure the width of phone and let it between the attached

Step 3:

finally to fix the attached of miror with rondelle and an other nut ck tape

decorate your project as u like me i chose a black tape

place the bell attache on the handelebar and fix it

open your phone and enjoy :) :)



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