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Introduction: Easy and Cheap Rain Poncho Pokéballs

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Whoooo! This is my very first (published) instructable!
(sorry for the mistakes or for my english or the useless of this Pokéballs when you love to walk in the rain!)

Playing Pokémon Go or just hiking in the city/nature?
A light rain begins to fall?
Use a nice Pokéball-style rain poncho!!!

It's cheap, really easy to make and looks very cool!

You'll only need:

  • Red and White, plain (without any logo) rain poncho balls (just google it!)
  • Some black and white paint
  • ...and a little bit of thin white plastic (and sandpaper, glue) if you want some additional details!

Step 1: The Basics...

The first step is very easy!

Just open the red and white balls and simply exchange the parts!

Ta-daaam! It already looks like a very simple Pokéball!

Step 2: Let's Add Some Details!

With some masking tapes, cover the ball, except that small line in the middle.

I used black spary paint in two layers.

After the paint is dry-to-touch, turn the hemispheres (like as open the ball) and close it back, so the two parts won't stuck after full dry.

You can also use a black permanent marker for the lines, without any masking tape (but probably it won't be as nice as the masked and painted one)

Step 3: More Details!

The balls with the black thin line are look really cool (you can stop there if you're fine with that simple design), but we can add the button-part to make it better.

Just cut out a circle from a masking paper and cover & paint the balls.

(Yup, if you want, you can use the marker pen method for the circle, without masking paper)

After full dry, use some good covering white paint to make the white part. That circle is very small, can made with free hand and a paintbrush! (To correct any errors after dry, a black marker pen is still a handy tool to cover unwanted white parts, overflows, etc)

Step 4: More Additional Details!

The rain poncho Pokéballs are already look nice, but we still can add more details: the little white button!

Cut out a small circle (for each ball) from a thin plastic sheet (I used a 1mm thick one).
If the cut wasn't smooth enough, a bit of sandpaper can help to make it nice and round!
Grab it with pliers and try to bend it a little (move around on the circle and bend - just to make it a little convex!)

Open the ball and glue the little circle to the right spot. Close the ball and make sure the "button" is right in the center of the white circle! If not, you can still move it a bit. When it's in the right spot, open the ball and clean any spilled glue! (to prevent the two hemispheres to stuck really badly)

Step 5: Catch 'em All! But Not the Cold!

It was easy and quick to make! The final results are simple but still awesome!

Thank you for your attention! ^_^

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    Pro Tip: Printing some stickers you can also get Voltorb and Electrode ;)