Easy and Fast Vegetarian Dish


Introduction: Easy and Fast Vegetarian Dish

About: diy cooking painting

super easy and tasty to make after a long day of work

Step 1: All

gather all ingredients together.

Step 2: Cut

cut spinach in ribbons.

Step 3: Shop

shop bell peppers, carrot, cabbage and onion in cubes.

Step 4: Mix

put all together then add make , tomato puree, oil,seasoning and salt.

Step 5: Evaporate

mix all very well and bring to cook on vapor covered for 45 minutes.

Step 6: :)

when it's cook, garnish with hard boiled eggs, olives and parmesan.Enjoy!



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    5 Discussions

    It's pre-meat, it's half/whole (depending on fertilization) critter before baby stage. Logically, it should count atleast in the same venue as bone marrow or something.

    Again, not bashing, just looking for logic

    What are the ingredients and what are you cooking it in?