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Introduction: Hack the Zune to Keep Shared Songs


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With the Microsoft Zune you can beam songs to other Zune's, but they are deleted after three plays. This is an easy way to keep those songs.

NOTE: I am NOT LIABLE if you violate copyright laws when sharing songs.

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Step 1: Set the Zune Up for Storage.

Like most players, the Zune cannot be used as a USB drive right out of the box...

To set it up for storage:

1. Install .NET Framework 2.0 from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en/us/default.aspx

2. Download the ZuneHDPatch from here: http://cppworld.com/Zune/ZuneHDPatch.exe, and run it on your PC with your Zune unplugged and the Zune software closed.

3. Plug your Zune into your PC, and it should appear as an external HDD.

4. To copy files, make sure the Zune software is running and set to "syncing."

This is a great way to use the Zune as a portable HDD. If you would like to keep shared songs, go on to step 2.

Step 2: Keep Shared Songs.

1. To avoid from shared songs being deleted after 3 plays, change the song files' extension to .jpg. Place the files, along with a real image file, into a new folder in your Zune's "received pictures" folder '(NOTE: I, jamnoopers, am not liable for your actions if you violate copyright laws.).

2. Send the "pictures" folder to a friend's Zune.

3. Now on your friends Zune, sync the folder with a PC, change the extensions back, and move the songs into his/her Zune.

4. Have fun sharing songs.

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    RECOMMENDED--Dont buy a Zune or an Ipod. Everyone knows about the Ipod, I bought a Zune, bigger screen but 30GB HD. I did brain surgery on Zune and input an 80GB HD. Zune costs 250, the 80GB HD cost 170....... You might as well put up the cash and buy a great media player..... its called a WOLVERINE ESP.

    18 replies

    First, don't call it a knock off, its just another product made by another company, but you have proven my point, both the Zune, and Ipod, the most well known portable media devices are being out done by better things.... Like an Archos or Wolverine. Get a archos if you like the bigger screen, and a Wolverine if you want more versatility. Thanks for showing me the Archos though. DISREGARD buying them in a few months time from now, I'm sure something newer and better will be out. p.s. Just don't EVER, EVER!!!, buy an Ipod. Thx

    Ian01, I understand you may like your new iPod toy, but there are better things out there. Ok, yes.... I do have a hatred for iPod, and it only stems from the fact that its made by apple/machintosh and I think all their gear is crap--Kinda like how every thinks radio shack sucks and call it radio crap. 1. iPod has a small screen-I wanted something to watch video's 2. iTunes software sucks, and is hard to sync compared to Zune software 3. Zune can sync and share files with anyone with Zune software installed on there PC (you just sync as a guest) You can only sync your own stuff, try to connect to a friends PC, and it reformats your iPod. 4. I wanted to be different and not follow all the other sheep that bought an iPod 5. I have never owned or used an iPod until after I bought my Zune, because I knew it was worthless, man was I right.

    Get over it. iPods are not a great value, but they are very nice to use. I do not have one.

    Your statement that Apple gear is crap is pure stupidity. I do not, and have never, owned an Apple product, but for years serviced both Mac and PC products for a company that owned thousands of each. Compared to PCs, Macs almost never break. Apple software has some really peculiar failure modes, but nothing is built better than a Mac. Good stuff. You obviously have no experience with Macs.

    Doesn't mean I am going to buy one, they discourage tinkerers and cost too much (although I spend nearly as much building my PCs to the same standard of reliability, just like to tinker...).

    I have to dissagree with you here.....iTunes can't be any easier to work with. It syncs very fast and easy.... and you cant diss ipod IF YOUVE NEVER USED ONE... have a great day...

    5. I have never owned or used an iPod until after I bought my Zune, because I knew it was worthless, man was I right. ****UNTIL AFTER I BOUGHT MY ZUNE....... thus I am an Ipod user--Mine remains in my car glovebox, hooked up to the CD Player.

    First, I don't have an iPod. Second, to respond to your arguments: 1. The iPod Touch has a large screen. (Yes, it hadn't been announced when you commented. However, the iPhone was available.) 2. How is iTunes difficult? You just plug in your iPod and it syncs. 3. Set iTunes on your friend's computer to manually sync. It's in either the preferences (older versions) or the iPod screen that comes up when you plug it in (newer versions). 4. Okay. 5. Please explain why you hold this opinion.

    thx for the reply 5 months later.... ipod touch eh, thats the new ipod thing on the block.... did you purchase this thing? yes its nifty, and the touch is genius. but do you know the difference between an itouch and iphone? DING DING!!! one can make calls the other cant. your talking about one very new and expensive PMP thats flawed... missing an up date. why not just buy the iphone?

    My argument remains.... dont buy either iPod or Zune, theres better stuff out there.

    It is a true statement to say that one cannot argue with the logic displayed above. Baaa! Baaa! Trivia Quiz: 1. The extra 1/2" the Zune gives you allows Microsoft to pack more pixels into their screen. How many more pixels does the 'large-screen' 3" Zune have than a 'small-screen' 2.5" iPod with Video? 2. The iPod's aspect ratio is 4:3, which is NOT ideal for a wide-screen (exempli gratia, 16:9) video, which is my favorite format. Since the Zune is superior to the iPod for viewing videos, it has an aspect ratio of what?

    The Zune has the same number of pixels as the 5.5 generation iPod video (320 by 240 resolution)

    Wait a minute! That can't possibly be correct! If that were true, the only practical difference between the Zune and the iPod screen would be viewing distance! Of course, jamnoopers is exactly correct. Both screens have the exact same resolution and a 4:3 aspect... the Zune merely has bigger pixels. The best video device would simply be based upon the working distance. Like it closer? Pick the iPod. Like it farther? Choose the Zune. One potential advantage of a 3" screen would be that it's easier to show a video clip to a group of friends, but this is probably a moot point unless you've got splitters and headphones, as the Zune has no speaker (same for the iPod). When I want to show a clip to a group of friends, I'd simply plug the iPod into a nearby TV with my $10 A/V cable. Voila! A 32" iPod with Video! I just got a Zune last week, so I haven't tried this out on it yet, but I'm fairly confident it will work. Bottom line: A 3" screen looks impressive on the spec sheet and on the shelf compared with a 2.5" screen, but since these are PERSONAL media players, it's more about bragging rights than anything else. However, folks over 50 years of age might appreciate the longer working distance of the Zune, but younger people, id est those whose eyes still have reasonable amounts of accommodative power, may prefer the iPod's shorter working distance.

    This is probably one of the most impressive mp3 players i have seen. Its the new Creative Zen (here) Same 320 by 440 2.5" screen, but with huge format support and 16 gigs of flash with SD expansion, that is awesome. I like it better than the iPod or Zune.

    I have had my iPod for almost five years, so I think I should defend the poor lad and address some of these myths. 1. iPods are supposed to be music devices. They make iPods with big color screens, but how much video are you going to watch on a portable device? What are you, a night watchman or something? 2. Most music programs (even open source packages) are modeled itself after iTunes. 3. iTunes hasn't done this for several years, and several versions. You can hook up your iPod anywhere and access all of your music and play lists. 4. Congratulations for being different and not owning an iPod. Irony lingers nearby, but has no comment. 5. If you have a Zune, and later acquired an iPod, tell us objectively why it is better. My iPod while very old, still serves it's purpose. When it ultimately dies I will want something new, and I am not necessarily going to go straight for the black and white box with the Apple logo.

    Answer to Question 1, my Zune was intended as portable video, not a music player..... and if going to Iraq is short for night watchman, than yes, yes I am. And, no, I didn't purchase an iPod after I bought a Zune, I just checked it out, bunch of buddies own one. Ending note---I said DONT BUY EITHER, buy something else, there's better stuff out there thats not on the shelf... like an Archos, or the Wolverine ESP