Easy and Funny Text Messaging Prank: Loads of Lol


Introduction: Easy and Funny Text Messaging Prank: Loads of Lol

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While messing around with my iPhone 5 I found a fun way to hack someone else's phone so that when he or she texts or sends out an email, it'll be a bit frustrating and a lot of fun. What this prank does is use the keyboard shortcut to replace words with some more interesting words or phrases. I'll show you the steps using my phone, but you can easily check the setting on other phones to do the same thing.

This prank is so quick and easy I hope some of you can put this to good use.

The video shows the full steps and how it actually works when your victim is attempting to text.

The perfect victim would be:
1. Someone who has a phone you can easily access without him or her knowing.
2. Someone not very technology savvy.
3. His or her phone can enable typing/ texting shortcuts.

Step 1: Adding Shortcuts

Once you snagged your victim's phone, click on "Setting."

Step 2:

Click on "General."

Step 3:

Scroll down and click on "Keyboard."

Step 4:

Scroll down and click on "Add New Shortcut..."

Step 5:

In the "Shortcut" box type in what word you want to use.
In my example, I thought of frequently used words.  For example, the words "it" and "you."
To customize think also of the words that your victim uses for texting.  As with my case if I were to hack my husband's phone I used the words "love" and "like."
If the other person uses a lot of the texting jargon like "omg" and "lol," then be sure to replace those phrases too.

Step 6:

In the "Phrase" box think of fun words or replacement words. 

Here's my short list. 
it = underwear
like = stuffed my mouth full of mushrooms
love = can't stand
you = myself

Remember, the more words replacement you use, the better.

Don't forget to save each word.

Step 7:

If you didn't get caught messing with your victim's phone...great!
Now you can just wait to see how the texting fun goes.
If you are like me and my husband where we literally text each other even in when we are in the same room, all it takes is for me to entice him by texting him a "I love you" message and that will reel him in on the fun.  lol

What will happen is that every time he tries to text the original words, the replacement words/ phrases will automatically replace it.  So at first your victim might be busy looking at the keyboard and not notice that the message has been tampered with and might send a funny message out. 
In the picture is what "I love you" and "I like you " becomes.
ur victim try  texting or try to figure out what's wrong with their phone. 

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    I can't find 'general' on my phone... Probably cause I have a different kind of phone, but can you do you do it on an LG and verizon phone?


    1 year ago

    Change hi to you're adopted


    1 year ago

    How do i do it on Android

    Lol I really wanna try this I just need 2 find the right time :)

    The number shows up only as number in the contact, you can't replace it with letters or @. I have a iphone 5.

    Really? That would definitely up the prank. How did you do that?

    Lol my mom did this to me on April Fools Day and I was extremely frustrated!

    1 reply

    If you just hit the little "x" the word will not be replaced by the new phrase

    1 reply

    Yes, you are correct, but it is still very much a hassle to keep hitting that "x" button especially if you replaced a lot of words. Unless the user actually goes in to delete them, even in emails or notes, those replacement words will always come to haunt. :-)