Easy and Realistic DIY Maggots

Introduction: Easy and Realistic DIY Maggots

Another tutorial from MonsterTutorials.com

This tutorial is quite impressive, especially considering how easy, quick and cheap it is to complete. In this easy DIY tutorial and video we are making Maggots! Yep, those creepy crawly critters that are the larvae of the blow fly and other flies. These slimy squirmy fly babies are usually associated with rotting corpses, animals, or badly tended wounds and injuries.

Use these easy to make bits to enhance your Special Effects Makeup creations, Zombie or mummy costumes, or any other cool Halloween prop. These turn out soft, squishy and bendy, which makes them extremely realistic for horror video productions or high end haunted attractions and costumes!

Tools and Materials (you'll be shocked to see how few)

Liquid latex, this is a must and I've found some very cheap one here

White and yellow acrylic paint (optional)

Brown paint

And, that's it…told you!!

Step 1:

Step 1

On a smooth surface, place a drop of liquid latex about 3/4's inch in diameter. Let dry. Hint: Use a hair dryer to speed the process up. One drop per maggot, so go WILD, you can make hundreds in just minutes!

Step 2:

Step 2

Once dry (the circles will be yellowish and somewhat transparent. Use a mix of yellow and white paint (mostly white) to paint lightly over the latex circles (this is optional since raw latex already looks very yellowish and organic). This step adds depth (under the translucency of the dry latex). Let dry.

Step 3:

Step 3

Using your fingertip (see video) rub the edge of a latex circle until it starts peeling off. Keep doing this motion and roll the circle into a little tiny burrito. It should be tapered on both ends. Roll all your maggots.

Step 4:

Step 4

With fine scissors cut very tip of ONE end of your maggots. This will be the HEAD. Then slightly cut more from the other end (but not much). This is the BUTT.

Step 5:

Step 5

If this wasn't creepy enough and you wanted the maggots to look even creepier, roll them lightly between your finger and make them all squirmy. If they get too round (like a rollypolly) just unstick them. They'll keep the squirmy curve.

Put a small amount of brown paint on a smooth, flat surface. Dip the HEAD of each maggot lightly to color the head brown. Set aside to dry. Want them creepier? Well paint them with clear nail polish for a wet look, or cover with a bit of petroleum jelly (yuck!)

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Step 6:

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