Easy and Very Nutritious Food for Lazy Persons

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multi-grain product is also whole grain, there are many benefits, including its ability to improve digestion, provide a more diverse mineral intake, protect the heart, build strong bones, improve the metabolism and boost circulation, among others.Humans

Are There Benefits To Eating Multi-Grain Products? John Staughton 5 Months Ago FACEBOOK

It seems like there is a new health fad or trend every week, and it can often be difficult to catch up. However, in the realm of breads and grains, one of the constant questions that people have relates to words like “whole grain” and “multi-grain”. When you’re walking down the bread aisle, it can be an overwhelming experience… there are so many different options to choose from! While most people know that plain white bread doesn’t offer much nutritional value, the benefits of other types remains a bit of a mystery. So, in the endless quest for living healthy, people often choose multi-grain bread and other products, assuming that it is a healthier option. More grains means more minerals and nutrients, right? Is this a wise assumption? What are the specific benefits of multi-grain?

Short answer: Provided that the multi-grain product is also whole grain, there are many benefits, including its ability to improve digestion, provide a more diverse mineral intake, protect the heart, build strong bones, improve the metabolism and boost circulation, among others! What is Multi-Grain? As the name implies, multi-grain bread and other products are made of more than one grain. While your average bread is made from wheat, multi-grain bread may also include barley, millet, flax and oats, as well as certain seeds, such as flaxseed, quinoa or sunflower seeds. Different varieties of multi-grain bread will contain different mixtures of grains and seeds. However, grains by themselves does not make something healthy. For example, white bread is made of wheat flour, but it is not “whole grain”. When a bread is whole grain, it means that all parts of the grain kernel are used – endosperm, germ and bran. This is where the majority of the nutrients are found, which is why whole-grain foods are so widely respected in the health community. It is possible to have multi-grain bread that isn’t necessarily made with whole grains, which wouldn’t have nearly as many other minerals and essential nutrients. Obviously, it is essential that you thoroughly check the ingredients, and look for multi-grain bread that is also whole grain. That being said, most multi-grain breads are also whole-grain breads, and for the purposes of this article, multi-grain bread is assumed to be whole-grain bread.


Hello every one I'm to share one of the most Healthiest,Nutritious and also Delicious food Recipe.This is very good for lazy people health.It's take less time to prepare.

In India this food called by name of SATTU (BARLEY).


Firstly you have to collect some multi grains which are listed below

  1. Maize seed
  2. Barley seed
  3. Rice
  4. Coriander
  5. Gram
  6. malka
  7. Wheat

All multi-grain has present enrich amount of protein, vitamin and other nutritional .therefore it's very healthy and good as a food and also consume less time to prepare.so it's very good for lazy people.

you can also add some other grain whatever you like.


After collecting multi-grain you roast all grain one by one.

this roasted grains also ready for eat.

for making SATTU (BARLEY) you follow one further step.

Step 4: Prepare SATTU

If you want to prepare SATTU then intermix all multi-grain and make powder in mixture machine.after that it's ready for eat,drink whatever you want.

You have more than one option to take it

  1. you mix some water and salt to powder and eat
  2. you also take a juice of barley in many flavour
  3. you also make different RECIPE with SATTU (Like SATTU PARATHA,SATTU CARRY ETC)

I again recommend you all make it and try its taste.finally SATTU is prepaired for eat.

NOTE :-I would like to say thanks to GOOGLE for good quality image.



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