Easy and Inexpensive Daft Punk (Thomas) Helmet


Introduction: Easy and Inexpensive Daft Punk (Thomas) Helmet

Hey Everyone

Here is a cheap and fast way to make a Daft Punk (Thomas) Helmet.

Like many of you, I had my aspirations to build a perfect pepakura, adding fiber glass resin, bondo, making a mold and building a helmet for everyone I know... But as halloween grew closer and I had no time or money, I decided I could build something to wear even if it wasn't my dream helmet.

This helmet took only 2 days to make and cost me less than fifteen dollars (before adding electronics)

Step 1: Mask Pattern

First I started with LuchoFunk patterns.

I downloaded the patterns from Zachariah Cruse's instructable. https://www.instructables.com/id/DJ-hero-Chrome-Daft-Punk-Helmet/
(You need to be a PRO member to access the files)

I printed them off at the library and transferred them to cardstock. I used 140lb cardstock but you might want to go heavier.

ALTERNATIVE: If the LuchoFunk pattern doesn't fit/suit you, there are many other patterns online... many of them are free. OR you could make your own pattern!

Step 2: Assemble Mask

Putting the pieces together should be pretty straight forward. I used a hot glue gun and masking tape.

I also added a small lip on the visor top and bottom so that it would look better once the visor was in. For this I just traced the visors and eyeballed about 1cm. 

I also added a lip to the bottom (chin) of the mask to make it look more like Thomas'. I made this about 2cm.

Step 3: Helmet

Next I found a helmet to use. A lot of people use baseball helmets but you can use anything that is round sturdy and fits in your mask. I found this at a goodwill. It's a plastic MN Twins hat that they serve nachos in at the ball park. 

I cut the brim shorter so it would fit with the mask. After that I hot glued it in.

TIP:  It's helpful, when making anything 3 dementional, to have center lines on your different pieces. This way you can easily avoid have a wonky looking helmet.

Step 4: Aluminum Tape

If you are lucky enough to live in Minneapolis/StPaul you can go to AxMan surplus and pick up a roll of aluminum tape. If not you can usually find some online. This stainless steel contact paper would work. http://www.amazon.com/Multipurpose-Shelf-Liner-Faux-Stainless/dp/B001V98IRQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382986804&sr=8-1&keywords=adhesive chrome sheet

ext I cut the shee into triangles so it would lay down easier. I covered the mask and the helmet. as smooth as possible. I used a credit card to help squeegee the bumps.

Step 5: Ears and Visor

For the ears I used oversized tea cans. I cut them down to about 1 inch and covered them with the aluminum tape. I was sure to cover the sharp edges so I didn't cut my ears. I once again used the tape to adhere the ears to the helmet smoothly.

The visor was cut from a dark plastic folder. You can use the template but you might want to just eyeball it. It should sit nicely behind the lip of the visor.

I also added foam to secure the helmet and make it more comfortable.

Finally you might want to trim your bear so that it fits into the helmet. ;)

Step 6: Electronics

At this point the helmet is done. Go out and show the world... but if you really want to dazzle them, you should consider a few LEDs.

There are many amazing arduino projects out there to learn from.....ahem, Volpin https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Daft-Punk-helmet-with-programmable-LED-/

ere are some quick and easy alternatives.

Pick up some multi colored bike lights (I got mine from AxMan) and hot glue or epoxy them into the mask. Remember to space them out in a way that you can still see where you are going.

And if you are less concerned about seeing, and want to really blow them away... pick up one of these sound sensitive LED displays. 
http://www.amazon.com/HDE-Sound-Activated-Panel-Sensor-Module/dp/B00CMC53TC/ref=sr_1_2?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1382989623&sr=1-2&keywords=hde LED



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    Hi there,

    I know this is super old but I was commenting to ask about the visor you used. You said you used a dark plastic folder. What kind of folder and style are we talking about here? Did this folder allow people to see you inside the mask?


    Thanks man for teaching me how to ride a helmet of my favorite band .mine was not perfect but, it's cool.
    Thanks A lot because is inexpensive
    1 more folowing

    Thanks man for teaching me how to ride a helmet of my favorite band .mine was not perfect but, it's cool.
    Thanks A lot because is inexpensive
    1 more folowing

    Thanks man for teaching me how to ride a helmet of my favorite band .mine was not perfect but, it's cool.
    Thanks A lot because is inexpensive
    1 more folowing