Easy and Pro Looking GoPro Handle




Introduction: Easy and Pro Looking GoPro Handle

All the step to make this Gopro handle.

Things you'll need:

Mountain bike grip. You can use any bicycle grip, but the mountain bike grips I found at my local bicycle shop looks good and fits nicely into your hand for good grip.

GoPro tripod mount.


PVC pipe. The same length and width as the inside of your bike grip.

Isolation Tape

Nylon coated wire and two wire crimping sleeves. You can find this at any fishing and tackle store.

One 6x40mm Bolt

Bodyboard leash strap, luckily I had one laying around.

Tools I used:

Drill and bits

Small metal saw blade

Multi-tool knife

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Step 1:

Remove the end cap of the grip and drill a hole through it. This is where the leash tether will go through.

Step 2:

After you've drilled the hole you can then pull the tether of the leash through.

Step 3:

Put the leash on and reinsert the end cap into the grip. Adjust the length of the tether by pushing and pulling it through the end cap so you have unrestricted movement of the grip.

Step 4:

Remove the end cap and hold it next to your piece of PVC pipe. Now you can see where the tip would be and mark it. You can secure the leach anyway you like inside the PVC pipe, I went with this and it works fine. After you have marked it you can go about cutting it out. I used the drill to drill out the round sections and then with the small metal saw blade sawed it out.

Step 5:

Put the leash and end cap back. Pull the leash tether over and secure with some isolation tape.

Step 6:

Make two holes somewhat close together anywhere you like on the PVC pipe. Put one of the crimping sleeves on the nylon coated wire. Put the nylon coated wire through the two holes and secure it with the crimping sleeve. Give yourself enough wire to play with because you have to make another loop at the top to be able to tether the camera.

Step 7:

From the bottom push the PVC pipe through the grip until is flush with the the top of the grip.

Step 8:

Screw the bolt and tripod mount together. To keep the epoxy from filling the whole PVC pipe I crumbled up some isolation tape and shoved it down until the whole bolt could fit in and the tripod mount was flat against the grip. The I mixed the epoxy inside the hole. Once the epoxy is mixed thoroughly you can insert the bolt and tripod mount. You might want to put some isolation tape underneath the tripod mount to keep it from getting full of epoxy.

Step 9:

Once it is inserted you must align the tripod mount so that your camera and grip points in the same direction. Keep it steady for a couple of minutes then you can tape it down with isolation tape and leave it to set properly. After it sets you can unscrew the tripod mount and have a look.

Step 10:

Now you need to make the other loop with the nylon coated wire and crimping sleeve to be able to tether the camera to the grip. You can decide what length you want to make it.

Step 11:

And that's it! All done, now you an awesome looking handle for your GoPro. Enjoy!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like an excellent handle. Very nicely done!


    5 years ago on Step 11

    nice job and you gave me quite a few ideas to make it even better for only a couple dollars more. When I try this out, if my ideas pan out, I will post them on instructibles too.



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, will have to give this one a try with a few modifications ..Thanks


    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a good idea ! I'll try to use this idea to make one with a longer stick...