Easy and Very Cheap IPod Stand and Accessory Holder (Works With Most IPods)

Introduction: Easy and Very Cheap IPod Stand and Accessory Holder (Works With Most IPods)

This is a very easy and cheap way to make (kind of) an iPod stand and accessory holder (headphones and cleaning cloth) using only an old music cassette case.  

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Step 1: Find the Cassette Case

I was laying in bed watching on my iPod Touch and wanted a stand for easier viewing. I was trying to think of things I could use around the house. There have been tutorials using various things such as business cards and paper clips, but I wanted something more stable and a way to make it portable and store my ear buds. I remembered how cassette tape cases can fold back to make a kind of stand just by the way they were designed.

There is a collectibles store in my local mall. I found this old AC/CD cassette tape for $1. Very cheap.

Step 2: Make the Stand

There is really no making involved because all that needs done is you take the cassette and the insert out (if you want you can leave the insert in) then open the case all the way so it folds back into a stand.

Step 3: Place IPod Into Stand

That's about it. Then just place your iPod into the cassette flap and there you have your stand. It is very stable and works great. There is a little overlap on the screen of my iPod touch, but I don't mind. It can be trimmed with a Dremel if you want.

Step 4: Use It to Store Your Ear Buds and Cleaning Cloth

You can also use the case to hold your ear buds and cleaning cloth while on the go. Just wrap up your ear buds in a loop fashion, put the cleaning cloth in the lid of the cassette then the ear buds and close.

That's it. Enjoy!!

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 4

    i really like that idea and you could personalize it if you wanted to.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    great idea.holds all your stuff and a good way to reuse them old cases