Easy Beach or Garden Bench Out of Scrap Wood




Introduction: Easy Beach or Garden Bench Out of Scrap Wood

I had a pile of salvaged 2x12 boards, 4" long. I drew a couple sketches & made some simple, but sturdy benches out of them. The seat and backrest could be made out of other sizes of lumber & you could change some of the other lengths too -- whatever works and doesn't fall over!

The cut diagram and the photos should be pretty self-explanatory. In some of the photos (e.g. showing the braces under the seat), the bench is upside down. My construction is pretty loosey goosey -- these will go on beaches where a little unevennness is no big deal.

These benches are heavy! Not especially pretty, but you could saw a nice curve on the "armrests", paint them or add a cushion.



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I made it with 1,5" x 6" wood on the side and 1,1/4" x 5" to sitt on and the back.

Very nice thanks:-)


Hi Guerroloco! last weekend I went to buy everything and assemble a bench for my childrens, I use smaller measures, (2x7) but same design (I just add the circles in the backrest) your pictures and diagram are very easy to follow, many thanks for share.....greetings from México.

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I think you could adapt this basic design to use almost any size of 2x lumber. For example, any of the 2x12s could be replaced by paired 2x6s. (I would add some cross-pieces for reinforcement, though.) I know 2x12s are bigger than typical scrap lumber that you find or salvage....