Easy Bow Creation


Introduction: Easy Bow Creation

!DISCLAIMER! I am not held responsible for any injuries caused by this tool. Although this is not as powerful as a real bow, it can still cause blunt force injuries. Please check what your local laws state about this object. Please remember this is a TOOL not a TOY.

I give permission to modify this in anyway you decide.

Ok so there are only a few items you need, Black reticulation pipe (pvc pipe will not work), rope and a small stick or something that will fit in the pipe.

Step 1:

Insert the rope into the pipe all the way so it makes a loop and tie the rope together.

You can use the knot as an arrow guide or stick it in an end of the pipe.

Step 2:

Put the stick horizontal compared to the rope and twist until the rope becomes as tight as you like.

Step 3:

Put the stick into the pipe and hammer it in as far as it will go. The rope should be really tight

Step 4:

You are ready to use now! I recommend using a bamboo stick with a honkey nut (if you are Australian) on the front and feathers taped or stuck in the end on the back in a delta (triangle) formation.



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