Easy, Cheap, Pretty Make Up!

Introduction: Easy, Cheap, Pretty Make Up!

So this is how I do my make up when I go to parties and fun events.  It takes a total of 6 minuets. All I did was wax my eyebrows, do eyeliner, and some eye shadow, and throw on some lip stick.   very easy, and i used like every day items

Step 1: STEP ONE: Add As Little or As Much Eye Liner....

First is my with just a little bit of bottom.  it can be full but I prefer for this look only half of the lash line be colored in.  In the picture it is a little smeared because I had just rubbed my eye.   But I just wiped it off.  the liner I used was the cheapest liner at CVS.  It works so well.  

Step 2: STEP TWO: Eye Shadow

So I started off with a light beige, sadly all of my shadows are sparkly, pick what ever colors you want.  I like the more natural colors.  First you put on a layer of your lightest color all over the lid.  then take the medium and smear it on the lower part of the lid.  Make sure its a bit thicker than the line for the liner would go. 


Alright so next would be the darkest shadow just brush it across the crease.  Don't make it dark. I added liquid eye liner to the top.  I start off with a thin line drawn from the inner corner then continued straight at the end of my eye.  I only went a little bit.  Then to make the wing fuller I made a like going from my bottom lash line to the wing and filled in the spaces with the liner. 

Step 4: STEP 4: EYEBROWS!!!

So I wax my own eyebrows.  You don't have too, but as you can see I am just gross when I don't wax them.  I use sally hansen wax strips.  I just place them and wax.  I don't try to make them perfect, just so that they aren't like one big bushy mess :) 

Step 5: Step 5: Foundation If Needed....

I only put it on the red spots on my eye brows.  Other than that I never use foundation because my face feels dirty. 

Step 6: Step 6: LIPSTICK.

I used a mac lipstick, I got it for free from a friend, but ANY color will work with this look.  I normally love a bright red, but I was in the mood for this purple.... No need for it I just ave an addiction to lipstick. 

Step 7: ALL DONE!

then the look is complete and you look like, a star?  I just love this because it is easy.  Don't be upset if you can't get it right the first time.  It took me practice but once i got it down, I LOVE it.

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    7 years ago on Step 7

    your very pretty.....and i love your hair,try to show a pic of it in one of your tatorials next time


    7 years ago on Introduction

    haha will she is beautiful. love her eyes :) and well the eye blow idea ;)